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Here I plan to make some of my writing available to you for viewing, perhaps for download. All downloadable documents are in pdf format, copyrighted, and subject to royalties upon reuse. If you see something you really like or really hate, let me know.

As of November, 2020, I have no literary representation, so if you are an agent or manager and you are interested in discussing a professional relationship, please contact me.



November 9, 2020

Yoiks. Been a while since I've done anything here. But, the time has not been wasted.

ARSENAL STREET: Had a full MSS request in August of last year. Rejection came in May. Running out of people to query. May have to resort to self-publishing for this one.

DEMON SMACKDOWN: Had a full MSS request in May of this year. Stopped querying for a while, but have resumed in the last month. Still waiting for a response to the full.

ANIMAL MAYHEM: Did a major rewrite of this one and have started querying again. Still need to revise my full synopsis to reflect the changes, though.

I've set aside the TV and film scripts. They help me revise the novels, but I don't see them as much else anymore.

ALL MANNER OF MAN AND BEAST: My next novel. Still reading and researching, making notes. May not dive in until January. Then again, maybe by Christmas.

Be safe, wear a mask, keep your distance. Make celebration plans for January 20.

August 19, 2019

Sometimes I wonder whether I will EVER be satisfied with anything I write. I took another look at ARSENAL STREET and made some improvements in my prose. Then, I made some more queries. Actually got a partial request! But even as I prepared to send it, I found a passage that could just use a little tweaking to make it better. I swear, if I ever get published, I'm going to be visiting bookstores across the country with sharpie in hand to make one last edit in each copy.

May 17, 2019

ANIMAL MAYHEM made it to the semifinals of the Screencraft Pilot Launch, but that's it. After all the feedback and rewrites involving the Blue Cat Competition, AM went nowhere. What a money sink. Anyway, I'm on episode 9 of the first season and will finish the season before moving on to a new project.

November 28, 2018

Well, I did indeed take a stab as ANIMAL MAYHEM as a series. I have seven episodes so far! It will be somewhere between ten and thirteen episodes when I'm finished. Meanwhile, I have entered the pilot in the Screencraft Pilot Launch competition and the Blue Cat competition. So far, it has made to the quarterfinals of the Screencraft Pilot Launch! Will it go on to the semis?

On the DEMON SMACKDOWN front, I have an agent who responded quickly to my query and asked for the first 75 pages. That was over a month ago, so still waiting for rejection or full MSS request.

July 3, 2018

DEMON SMACKDOWN is now in the query pile. Before starting my next novel, I am going back to see what I can do with the ANIMAL MAYHEM screenplay. Turns out it was pretty tight to begin with, because I'm finding I can't really add much of the fun new stuff I put in the book. Would love to see this as either two movies or a limited series. I do have sequel ideas, so a series would probably work very well. If the book ever gets published, that is.

May 8, 2018 - DEMON SMACKDOWN novel is still with my proofreader, so I'm using this time between novels to re-write my ANIMAL MAYHEM screenplay. Also, I have a manager looking at my screenplays for CODY'S RAPTURE and DEMON SMACKDOWN, as well as the CLOWN HOSPITAL pilot. So, not just sittin' around here, twiddling my thumbs.

April 18, 2018 - DEMON SMACKDOWN is ready for proofreading, but my proofreader can't get to it until next week! In the meantime, I have been sending out a few more queries for ARSENAL STREET and ANIMAL MAYHEM. I've about exhausted the possibilities for ARSENAL STREET and am contemplating self-publishing the book. If I do, I imagine the cover will look something like this:


GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT - An aspiring hotel owner fights to keep her dreams, and her staff, from being sucked dry by giant bedbugs.

CODY'S RAPTURE - Adapted from Phil Ward's unproduced play, BLESSED. A selfless woman with the voice of an angel is given a chance to change the world. Taking that chance will cost her everything. Cody’s Rapture is a Supernatural Drama in the vein of Jacob’s Ladder and The Sixth Sense.

CodysRapture.pdf (PDF — 207 KB)

THE WHITE TRUCK - A woman follows her runaway sister to the edge of oblivion. This short film script was inspired by my one-act play, WAITING FOR THE RAIN.

WhiteTruck.pdf (PDF — 84 KB)


ANGRY YOUNG POET - a collection of 20th century poems

AngryYoungPoet.pdf (PDF — 74 KB)


TREASURE ISLAND - This is my adaptation of the Stevenson classic. Commissioned and produced by Serendipity Theatre Company in 1997, during the company's stay in Burbank. It played to very enthusiastic audiences.

TreasureIsland.pdf (PDF — 249 KB)

A SAUCERFUL OF CARROTS - This is a rather naughty and extremely silly play I wrote back in the 1980s. There have been staged readings, but no real production yet. Remember - extremely silly.

SaucerfulofCarrots.pdf (PDF — 277 KB)

RING OF SLEAZE - Here is a one-act play I started as an undergrad and completed sometime in the late 90s. Still not happy with the character names.

RingofSleaze.pdf (PDF — 85 KB)

BLACKOUT - This short play was originally presented in 1990 by Gorilla Theatre Productions, as part of an evening of my work under the collective title, HELTER SKELTON. After some revisions, it was presented in 1996 by Theatre of NOTE as one of six plays in an evening titled THE NATURE OF THINGS.

BlackoutSTAGE.pdf (PDF — 57 KB)

WAITING FOR THE RAIN - This one-act play is my most produced work. Productions include GTP's HELTER SKELTON in Kansas City and being twice produced by Theatre of NOTE in Los Angeles. It is also the core inspiration for no less than three of my screenplays.

WAITRAIN.pdf (PDF — 71 KB)