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JULY, 2021

So far, 2021 has been good to me. I worked on an episode of I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE back in January. Unfortunately, I later learned that my skit didn't make it into the final show. But the production folks were super nice and apologetic about it. Usually, you hear nothing.

April saw me return to L WORD: GENERATION Q as network exec Barry Wells. The new season will be starting soon on Showtime.

In May, I worked back-to-back on AMERICAN CRIME STORY and FOR ALL MANKIND. In both shows, I played historical characters.

Was kept on "watch and advise" for a very long time regarding a possible booking in July, but eventually they went with a local hire at their shooting location. That's only fair since my very first major speaking role in a movie came as a result of me as a local boy besting an LA actor. The film? ACROSS FIVE APRILS. And speaking of which, a fan of that film, Colombian artist Jhon Jatenjor interviewed me for his Unpublished Interviews series. I had a blast with him and his colleagues, Cesar and Andres.


Double Wow! Not only have I worked twice since my last post, but I had a record number of auditions in October! And, oh yeah, some sanity has been restored with the election of Joe and Kamala.

As for work: First gig was in August. Strictly voice work and I did it over the phone safe at home. The second gig was on location in October, working on a show called RUTHERFORD FALLS. Interesting seeing everyone in masks, all the hand sanitizer dispensers, and chairs in holding set widely apart. I felt safe and well-cared for.

Had at least 10 auditions in October - all self-tapes of course, but what you gonna do, eh?

AUGUST, 2020

Wow. A year since I've posted and look at what's happened. 2019 ended very well, working on the SHOWTIME pilot for HBO, another episode of THE L WORD: GENERATION Q, a Netflix movie for David Fincher, an Industrial film, and a creepy bit on an ultra-low feature called DEADLY SUGAR DADDY.

Then came 2020. I actually was getting some good auditions and ADR was scheduled for DEADLY SUGAR DADDY. And then everything shut down. So now it's the occasional self tape and no work. I've been spending the time writing. Here's hoping things change soon. Stay safe and wear that mask, folks.